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Seven Principles for Attracting More Clients
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Services Designed for You

I know you’ve had the experience of attending a seminar or workshop – you get excited and return home to full of enthusiasm and high off the energy generated by the group.

You promise yourself that you’ll finally put those new ideas you heard into action. You’ve wanted to make changes in your business for a long time and now’s the time.

Only when you arrive back at the salon/day spa on Monday morning things don’t quite work out the way you intended them to. For starters you’re not quite sure of how to use or where to start with what you’ve learned. It’s not that you don’t try to make these solutions work. You believe in the philosophy and have good intentions. But the quick-fix nature of these one-size-fits-all seminars or workshops can only do so much.

You soon find yourself back in your day-to-day routine with you’re having put little if any of that with that valuable information you collected to good use.

Overview of Services

My services and programs are unique. Whether it’s one-to-one coaching, marketing mentoring, consulting every service and course I deliver is not only tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual client, it’s also designed to hold you accountable. After all I want you to get a big return on your investment.

“1:1 Private Label” Coaching and Consulting for You and Your Salon/Day Spa

As a salon/day spa owner you may live an “isolated” business life. Yes, you may have a significant other to turn to or a trusted accountant or financial adviser. But let’s face it; it’s hard to get objective advice, let alone sound guidance from those people.

Coaching is a dynamic, powerful, and uniquely personalized process for development and growth. As a certified marketing and business coach, I offer coaching strategies that have a cumulative and cascading effect on you and your business. Coaching

The Marketing Mentor 1:1 Program

If you just need a couple of new marketing ideas or a little coaching marketing mentoring is definitely not for you. You probably already know more than you can possibly implement. What you want to learn is how get more business so you can grow your salon/day spa.

Sure you may go to conferences, workshops, or have product manufacturers and your software company throw marketing ideas and “should-do’s” at you, you don’t have anyone you can seriously talk to about marketing – someone who is a strategic partner and prodder who’ll keep you moving forward. This is exactly what I do.

So if you like individual attention as well as a high degree of accountability, then you may be a candidate for one-on-one marketing mentoring. Marketing Mentoring Program

Tele-classes & Tele-courses

The One Page Business Plan Quick-Start Package.

Is your entire staff laser focused on your salon/day spa’s goals? If they’re not how in the world can you expect your business to reach them? You can’t and it won’t. Especially if you don’t have a game-plan.

Would you spend of your most precious resource, you time, on something you thought took a lot of effort, was tough to build and once you built it you’d never use? Of course you wouldn’t. Those are reasons why most salon/day spa owners don’t have a plan. They believe it’s not worth their time – and ordinarily, using traditional planning methods which take legions of MBA types the results would not be worth the effort.

But now it doesn’t have to be that way because in a matter of a few hours you’ll be well on your way to creating a simple but highly practical one page plan that’ll get everyone in your business clearly focused on the key results. Take a look at how you can build one for your salon/day spa.

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