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Each of our clients is unique. During the initial business needs review session, we tailor a plan together to address your most pressing concerns and goals. While respecting your values and honoring your objectives, I will challenge you and encourage you to make changes and achieve the results you want in your business and in your life.

Coaching 1:1: Individual Coaching

You reach your goals more quickly when you move beyond ideas and go into action. Coaching provides you with the structure, focus, and accountability necessary for building your ideal salon/day spa. Using wisdom of more than 15 years as a salon/day spa success agent, I will help you clarify and set goals, overcome barriers, and create new opportunities for business and personal success. My purpose as a coach is to help create significant and sustainable positive change in your business and your life.

Coaching 2:1: Partnership Coaching

You’ve heard the old adage “two heads are better than one.” Well, in a salon/day spa partnership, it’s true as long as both individuals hold the same vision and organize themselves to work towards it. Coaching gives partners focus, structure, and a way to hold one another accountable. We create a forum to hold candid conversations that are essential for a salon/day spa’s true success.

Questions clients ask about coaching

Does coaching require that I adopt a new set of beliefs, or change everything I’m doing now?
Coaching does not require you to change anything, but you will definitely notice a shift in the way you approach your work as a result of coaching. It is not my intent to convince you to think or behave like I do, or like any of my other clients do. But when individuals are ready to make significant changes, I do everything I can to guide them to new ways of looking at their situations so they can achieve the goals they design for themselves. I work with owners/managers who hold varying philosophies and embody different styles of management/leadership. One of the first rules of coaching is to stay with the client’s agenda. Know that I am committed to honoring that tenet, while helping you honor your own commitment and intention to change, grow, and develop through the coaching process.

How long does coaching last?
It varies from client to client. In some cases, two to three months of coaching is all that is needed for a client to achieve their goals and move forward with an action plan. Some clients stay engaged in the coaching process for six months to a year or even longer. The frequency of coaching sessions and the total coaching time depends entirely on each client’s needs and the results they are achieving.

Is it possible to measure my return on investment if I sign up for coaching?
It is difficult to say in advance what a client will achieve. It does not make any sense to say, “Coaching will increase your revenues by 20%.” That may or may not even be your goal. The return on investment is unique to each client. Early on in the coaching process, we establish clear objectives and the criteria by which we will gauge success. So, your individual ROI will be determined by measuring your goals going into the coaching process against the results you ultimately achieve. Most clients report their ROI related to new ways of thinking, learning, and leading. The tangible benefits—improvements in productivity, teamwork, and/or finances—tend to be the result of new attitudes, skills, and behaviors.


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